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How We Became Smoking Hot

Smoking Hot Cigars was founded in February 2015 when Greg, (a lover of fine cigars), and Margie (who worked her way through college waiting tables and tending bar), were having dinner on a wintry evening. The all too familiar discussion of owning a cigar lounge came up, and out of nowhere, Margie poses the question to Greg…what about a cigar truck? We grabbed a napkin, changed it from a truck to a trailer, and scratched out the business plan for a new concept of bringing the cigars to where people smoke them.

Tastefully adding the concept of “smoking hot girls” to sell, cut, and light your cigars was a natural. Our idea was to be partners with various charities by joining them at golf tournaments, motorcycle events, and any other venue that thought we could add value to their efforts, and give back to them a portion of our proceeds.

After bouncing the idea off of Paul (one of my poker and cigar smoking pals) and his wife Sarah, they not only thought it was clever, but they wanted in. So we partnered up and pulled the mobile humidor up to our first event on June 1st, and it was a hit!

The Stein’s

Women it seems, are not supposed to like cigars!

For the Stein’s, it was just the opposite. They would be the first to tell you following the rules and norms of society doesn’t interest them. Margie is not the kind of woman that would say, “it’s me or the cigars.” Greg has smoked cigars since college, it’s his way of unwinding in the fast paced world we all live in, and she would never take that away from him. Margie has been the willing companion that has accompanied Greg to a variety of cigar bars since their first date. She loves the aroma of a good stogie and eventually, when asked, she surprised him by wanting to try one on her own. Greg has enjoyed introducing Margie to the word of cigars, and she has been a quick study learning the flavors, shapes, wrappers, the aroma, and the tastes. Like a good wine or liquor…it’s all about lifestyle and tasting various flavors to see what fits. It is all about personal enjoyment.

Cigar smoking is a ritual that has bonded this married couple. Sharing a love of cigars has created a unique intimacy. It is not something you see every day. It turns heads, creates conversation, and an occasional head shake. It is fun, and dare we say sexy. Now the Stein’s are mixing business with pleasure.

The Kaler’s

Paul and Sarah have enjoyed smoking cigars for several years. Their love of cigars led to them building a dedicated cigar room in their home. This love also brought them to Smoking Hot Cigars so the they can share their love of cigars with you.

When they are not enjoying cigars you can find them on the sidelines of their son and daughter’s activities or on the rugby pitch.