Blowin Smoke – February 2018

Happy 2018!  I hope this edition of “Blowin Smoke” finds you healthy, happy and enjoying your favorite stogies.

At the moment my favorite is the La Galera 1936 Anniversary Churchill.  I was impressed with the marketing of this Indian Head Brand beauty from the moment Jason, our rep for several lines of cigars, brought this stick to my attention. However, just because a company has great marketing, doesn’t mean the cigar is great. Well in this case, every stick in their line is exceptional.

This cigar is a box pressed beauty.  The wrapper is a shade of chocolate brown without a single imperfection and their gold foil bands are equally as beautiful. There is simple touch of elegance and class with this great brand. I pulled out the box pressed Churchill Habano, used a V-cutter, toasted the foot, and lit up this delicious smoke. It is rare that I can tell within moments if I am going to like a new introduction, but this was love at first draw!

Through the beginning third of the 1936 Anniversary Churchill, I could taste the sweetness of the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with some hints of cocoa and pepper blended in.  The cigar has a Dominican binder and filler, which draws as smooth as butter, but has more of a medium feel to it than many of the Dominicans I have smoked.  As I approached the middle of the cigar, I was enjoying this stick so much that I was hoping that the character was not going to change much.  However, it did but in a good way. I became aware of a hint of espresso along with a small touch of pepper; a great mix!  As I moved on to the final stages, the espresso and the traces of pepper gave the cigar a splendid finish.  As is so often the case when I really enjoy something new, I didn’t want the experience to end.  $10.50 for the Churchill is a steal for a quality smoke.  Thanks for the intro Jason.

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