Blowin Smoke – January 2016

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. Since this is our inaugural issue of “Blowin Smoke”, Paul and I thought we would fill you in on a few things about this column.
First, we can thank Smoking Hot Cigar girl Margie, who also happens to be my wife, for creating the name of this column. If you have attended any of the events we have been at, it doesn’t take long to figure out that Paul and I are NOT the main attraction! However, we serve a very important role on the team. It is our jobs at various events to light up one of our luscious smelling sticks and walk through the crowd “blowin smoke”, thus attracting those with noses like bloodhounds to ask the question, “where did you get that stogie?” And of course we share with them the location of our mobile humidor. So, as you can tell, our business plan is very well thought out!
Let’s clear the air on what this column is not! Paul and I are two guys that are like most of you. We don’t care much about how long the tobacco was aged, what the liner or filler are made of, what kind of wrapper it has, where it was rolled, or even the name of it…until we taste it and decide we like it. Once we taste it and are impressed, then it’s cool to dive into the technical merits of the cigars we smoke. We all have Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Snob, and lots of others to help us with stuff like that.
What you can expect in this column, other than our witty sense of humor which by now I hope you have picked up on, is our honest opinion about cigars. Whether you are playing golf, riding your motorcycle, or just hanging out and want to enjoy a good smoke, we want to give you some ideas on what you might try that will give you a great experience! So here we go…..
Throughout our first year of business, we have been asked numerous times, “what is your favorite cigar?” That’s a difficult question to answer because there are many variables that come into play. Our typical answer is “all of them.”(That’s not quite true, but it’s pretty close.)
In November, we were working the Smoking Hot Cigar mobile humidor at the Apple Butter Festival in Kimmswick, when the mayor walked in and purchased a Don Pepin Series JJ Toro. He knew exactly what he wanted when he saw it on our wall. It is a stout 6×54 smoke that we had just received a shipment of. Smoking Hot Cigar girl Margie handled the transaction, and as our customary customer service process provides, carefully cut and lit his cigar. He and I started talking about the humidor, politics, the festival, and numerous other subjects. As we talked, I noticed the excellent aroma that a nice full bodied cigar should have. He was drawing it effortlessly and savoring the taste with every puff he took. Full plumes of smoke escaped his mouth when he exhaled which told me he was getting a full mouth of flavor. As our discussion wore on, I noticed that the ash had grown in a nice tight spiral to about 2 inches and he made no effort to flick them off. We finished talking and a few hours later we packed up the humidor and headed home.
A few days later, I was sitting at our pool, and trying to decide what to smoke while I did some reading and paperwork. I remembered this cigar and grabbed one of those sticks to try myself. Of course Margie, promptly asked me for my credit card so our inventory management stayed intact. Yep, I don’t pay as much as you do, but I do pay for my cigars.
The first thing I noticed was the very cool ring with the Don Pepin Garcia name on it, indicating the Series JJ. The wrapper of the cigar was a beautiful caramel brown and very consistent in color. It was nice and fat and just oozed “good cigar!” I cut the tip with a guillotine cutter, making sure to leave plenty of the cap in place, just to be sure I had a good draw. I had a feeling I was in for a real treat, so instead of torching it, I grabbed a couple of wooden stick matches and struck them on the side of the matchbox, lit the end of the cigar, and rotated it for an even burn. I had my favorite caramel flavored vodka to sip as I smoked. I started in on my work, and found myself distracted by how much I was enjoying this smoke. You know, that art of drawing the smoke into your mouth, savoring it for just the right amount of time, blowing it out into the air, and watching it dissipate as it wanders away. I have a favorite cigar, which I tend to base all of my comparisons against. By comparison though, it is a touch milder, a touch smoother, and not as spicy of a taste to it. It blended perfectly with my vodka, and I intentionally avoided dropping the ash to see if I could duplicate the mayor’s experience. Two inches later, it finally fell off in the ashtray, which opened the cigar up a bit more, and the flavor really popped. As with any good cigar, the last inch or two holds much of the flavor. While a bit stronger at the end, the smoothness stayed, and if burning your fingers is any indication of how much you enjoy a cigar, I nearly did. When I was finished, I was completely satisfied. It took me about an hour to finish it…and I tend to smoke a bit faster than most, and it left me saying to myself, “that was a damn good cigar!” The Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ is is a cigar that you want to have plenty of time to enjoy, don’t rush it.

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