Blowin Smoke- March 2017

Happy 2017!  I hope this edition of “Blowin Smoke” finds you healthy, happy and enjoying your favorite stogies.

Quesada Cigars is a gem in the cigar business producing sticks that are littered with awards from your favorite cigar magazines.  This year we find them filling 4 of the 15 “Best Buy” spots in Cigar Aficionado magazine, and as a value shopper myself, I love this list.  As is the case with so many of the godfathers of our cigars, Manuel Quesada’s roots trace back to the 60’s in Cuba, so if you like history, you can find plenty of it by “Googling” him.

The Fonseca Nicaragua Toro occupies the #10 spot on the “Best Buy” list.  It is the first time Quesada has rolled an all Nicaraguan cigar.  The idea was to bring a value cigar to market with a value price, becoming available in 2016.  This medium-full bodied cigar comes in a beautiful black box with script to identify its content.  Upon opening it, I found the contrast of the chocolate leathery wrapper in the box to be a very nice touch, making me feel like I was getting a much more expensive stick.  I am not a huge fan of the wrapper design, but I don’t smoke the wrapper, so there is no reason to dwell on it.  I lit up a 6×50 Toro after snipping a cross into it by using a V-cutter and snipping it going both directions.  There is a real complexity to the start of this cigar….just a touch spicy, a touch sweet, and a touch earthy.  I really enjoyed the taste that the first 3rd of the cigar provided.  The first ash was an inch long as it burned in a perfect ring. The combination   of blacks and grays when I looked at it told me there were numerous things going on in this cigar.  It was not overpowering, so a mild smoker should be interested in this one.  The Fonseca Nicaraguan really settles into its own for the rest of the length.  The sweet chocolate flavors are still present but it still has not progressed too far into the spicy full flavored category.  As I worked my way into the last 3rd, the cigar stepped it up a bit when the touch of pepper arrived barely crossing into the medium category.  After analyzing it a bit, my input to you is that this stick is certainly worth trying once, especially if you prefer mild cigars with that special flavor that runs through it.   My taste buds aren’t good enough to identify what it is, but there is a little something that keeps me interested in the Fonseca.  It will remain a favorite for me.

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