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I’m a little bit sassy but always keep it classy, love to rock some heels and definitely conceal. I love to smoke cigars I know that seems bizarre, but I keep up with the guys despite my small size. Though Kuba Kuba’s are my favored, I’ll pick you out a suited flavor, Come see me in action and it will be nothing short of satisfaction. From mild to full-bodied, I can pick you out your strength, I’ll even consider shape let’s not forget the length!

While my cigar collection is growing and my gun collection is ongoing, I also love to ride, especially on a Harley Street Glide. From heels to converse, yoga pants to leather, I can never wait till that warm weather! But when it’s cold I love a ford, I’ll hop right in to take a spin! So contact me now or come visit me later, but I’ll be sure to help you pick a cigar that you can savor!


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